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Regn.No: 3119/1954-1955, Office No:56, Azad Park, Hubli - 580020 Ph : + 91 - 9901975931

It is a pleasure to think about the existence of an association for a period of 50 years, thinking about the personalities who worked behind the curtain and finally celebrating the event Golden Jubilee of the association at the appropriate time successfully.
Though Kerala tops in literacy, a good number of Keralites – educated, literate and illiterate who left Kerala and landed in several parts of the world on multiple reasons. Some of them joined in government service, semi government service, private service, business or self employment position as there are no scope for employment for all the Keralites in Kerala. Thus a group of Keralites came to Hubli in Karnataka a few years ago and some of them joined in Railway, some of them in state government service, others in private, business and on self employment position. The commenced their family life and so the population has been increased. They realized that “Unity is Strength” and so they have cultivated the friendship with localities without any distinction of linguistic differences.

The Kerala Samaj Hubli had been registered in the year 1954 on 11th day of 11th month by the then managing committee under the leadership of Dr. (Mrs.) Sarala S. Rao as the president, Dr.Mr. Sadanand Rao as the treasurer, Sri. C. Chandrasekharan as one of the managing committee members and the remaining committee members whose where abouts are not known at present.

Year after year several managing committee had been formed, conducted cultural programmes, Onasadya etc. During the first 44 years we could not improve our financial status and membership due to multifarious reasons, and I am keeping mum on that subject. During the year 1999 general body which was conducted in march, Sri. K.A.S Nair was elected unanimously as the honorary president for a period of three years with a managing committee team to rejuvenate the functioning of Kerala Samaj ® Hubli. Since 1999 Managing Committee visited house to house and educated the Keralites of Hubli – Dharwad region about the necessity of a strong association with active participation of Members. Thus samaj membership position as on 30th September 2004, recorded on roll that Life Patrons are 64, and Life members are 557.

During the previous nearly ten years we have celebrated Onam, Christmas and New year with Cultural Programms and specially Onasadya during 2001/02 and 2003.

As the Samaj attained its 50th year during 2004 we have celebrated “Golden Jubilee” on 12th September 2004 combined with annual meet and Onam with distinguished guests Sri. Ashok Nair DyFA&CAO SW Rly,Hubli. Sri. Raj N. Desai Chairman HDUDA, and Sri. Pankajakshan. K. Managing director A.P. Steel Kerala. We could felicitate founder managing committee president, Dr.(Mrs.) Sarala S. Rao. Treasurer, Dr.(Mr.) Sadanand Rao Committee member, Mr. C. Chandrasekharan & two selected samaj members, Sri. Madhavan Nair & Mrs. Komala Gopinath. It is a pleasure to announce that Rs. Twelve Thousand has been donated by Sri. Pankajakshan towards samaj fund. Celebration has been concluded with a Grand Orchestra & Mimicri performance by “COCHIN GOLDEN BEATS” from kerala.

Mahila Samaj Wing, Youth wing, Sr. Citizen’s Wing and Nursery Classes are the tributaries of Kerala Samaj.

Samaj owns an office accommodation of a hall of 200 sqft. area in Shinde Complex, Neeligin Road, Hubli –29. Ten Guntas of land has been allotted by HDUDA to Samaj for the construction of the proposed Multiutility Building. Hence we require

1) A Borewell
2) Multiutility Building, consisting of a Primary School with Kannada, Malayalam and English Medium, Library *** Reading room, Rest House, An Auditorium/Kalyan Mantap and an administrative office accommodation.
3) Play Ground
4) Compound Walls.

Sri. K.A.S Nair has been re-elected as the president during 2002 for three years, during 2005 for three years and during 2008 for three years unanimously and is running the 10th year as the president.

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